jul 2018


Garden center “De Carlton Tuincentrum” wanted to know how to address a younger target group better, since they are especially in touch with an older target group. The elderly are regularly visiting the garden center, while younger people more often choose to buy plants at other suppliers such as a supermarket or hardware store. I wanted to find an innovative way to make shopping at the garden center more appealing for the younger target group.

🧐 Question
“How can we encourage the younger target group of 'De Carlton' to buy plants at de garden center?”

👩‍💻 Approach
I wanted to know why the younger people wasn't shopping at the garden center yet, and what would encourage them to buy something at the garden center. To get to know the target group and the purchase process in the garden center a little better, I decided to do observations and to do interviews with the people there. Since the people in the garden center are mostly elderly people, and I wanted to get to know the younger target group specifically, I set out a survey. Besides that I spoke to people in my own environment to get to know the wishes of the target group.

A brief statement of the results is that the younger target group is eager to have plants in their home, but they don’t know which plant would work for a specific place. They don’t really have time to stop by a garden center and they are “afraid” of buying plants online because then you don’t know what quality you're going to get. People’d like to choose a plant by themselves instead of letting someone else pick one for them.

💬 Answer
Plantule! A website that provides help for choosing a plant, depending on your wishes about the physical appearance of the plant, about the level of experience you have with taking care of them and in what kind of location you want to place it.

Firstly you pick what kind of plant you want (which size, how much light and water it needs), and after that you can choose which plant appeals to you the most out of three choices for three times. An algorithm will then calculate which plant fits the best, and display the three best possibilities from which the customer can choose.

You can also use the website as a regular webshop, without using the “Plant Picker”. For this project I ended up with an high-fidelity prototype which can be seen below.