jan 2019

Finding Foxy

One thing on my bucket list is to illustrate a children’s book one day. When I was allowed to work on an open assignment for an emerging media experiment course, I didn't have to think twice. I wanted to do something I’d truly enjoy, so I decided to make a page of an AR-children’s book.

🧐 Questions
“How can I create engaging illustrations for a children’s book, using AR-techniques? Would it work to place 2d-illustrations into a 3D environment?”

👩‍💻 Approach
Firstly, I had to come up with an idea for the illustrations. Since I was living in Finland during this project, and I’m a huge fan of animals, my theme couldn’t be something else than “forest”. Coming up with a 'story' was also not really challenging: the night before I watched “Finding Nemo”, so “Finding Foxy” seemed appropriate.

My illustrator knowledge didn’t reach any further than that I knew how to use the pen tool to draw some vector lines. So I watched two or three tutorials to improve my illustrator skills a bit. It was a lot of fun to apply everything I just learned in practice and to see my self-conceived animals coming to life!

After finishing the illustrations, I had to put them into Unity. It was a bit of a hassle to get it work (especially because I never worked with Vuforia and Xcode before), ánd because I wanted to animate my illustrations (which also was a first-timer for me). That’s why I ended up starting over at least 42 times (I lost count), but in the end it worked!

💬 Answer
“Finding Foxy” is a page of an illustrated children’s book which shows the promising possibilities of making a simple illustration more immersive by using AR-technologies. The 2D illustrations in the 3D environment gives it a particular look.