XR Experiments

In 2018 I departed to Finland to study Emerging Media productions for half a year. Since this part of my studies, I’m highly interested in this field of technologies and I really like to experiment with VR/AR/360 video’s/3D techniques and to try new things. On this page you'll find some of my latest experiments.

🍇 Grapecrush
To learn how to use “MaKeyMaKey” (sort of Arduino with which you can turn everything ever into a keyboard), we build a game we called “grapecrush”. It was part of my experimental emerging media course. The fun part was to see all the difficulties we had to face while coding this little game. We used Construct 3 for that, which is a visual code engine, so there is no need for having a lot of knowledge about a certain programming language. This makes it a super accessible way of learning more about the logistics behind it. We ended up with a game in which you had to crush grapes by touching actual grapes.

📸 360 Photo
I learned how to use a 360 camera, and how to place 3D objects into 360 content (the floating mirror balls in the second photo weren't there in real life). The first photo is mainly there to give you a little insight into (gloomy) Finnish scenery ;)

🎥 360 Last Christmas
We had the opportunity to use a Nokia OZO camera, which is an approximately €50.000 camera. We had a lot of fun recording this, you have to think about a lot of different aspects if you're filming with a 360 camera instead of a traditional videocamera. When you watch this video with VR-goggles, it’ll be a 3D-VR experience. Imagine how cool this video would be if you'd place a good singer in it ;)

Click here to watch the video!

🔑 Unity escape room
An assignment for my studies was to build a 3D scène with a fantasy/sci fi ambience. I thought it would be fun to add some interactivity and build a VR escape room, but because “sci fi ambience” and “why not”, I decided to place it on Mars. This assignment was my first attempt working with Blender and Unity. I made all the 3D elements myself in Blender, and added all the interactivity and built the landscape in Unity. There still is a lot to improve if you look at the escape-room part, because I was a bit in a time rush (and it was kind of a lot of work to get to know two new software programs at the same time). But the idea is clear and it really was a lot of fun to try it out with the VR goggles.